Eat More TacosI lived in Yucatan, Mexico in a small house on the beach, in a tiny fishing village on the Gulf coast, from 2005-2010. And it’s safe to say that I spent most of that time eating tacos like it was my job. Not just tacos al pastor, but arrachera tacos, laden with impossibly tender slices of grilled beef. Tortas de cochinita on Sundays in the town square, fish tacos served simply from beachside grass-thatched huts, barbacoa tacos from sweaty concrete roadside stalls, and spicy goat birria of questionable origin from the back of someone’s car. If it could be packed, folded, or scooped up with a tortilla, I was into it.

This exposure to such incredible tacos informed a lot of the taco-making sensibilities I carry with me to this day, both cooking at home for my family, or on my food truck, ‘Wich, Please. Most of the week, we focus on creative, high-end sandwiches, but once a week, we turn a tiny seaside park in Rockland, Maine into a venue for slinging the kinds of tacos I just can’t seem to find anywhere else, with creative fillings, hand-pressed tortillas, and homemade salsas and hot sauces. It’s a ton of fun, and an opportunity to be really creative with a food I love and get excited by, to this day.

On this site, I want to share some of my secrets and recipes for making tacos, both traditional and humble, and exotic and inventive. We’ll talk salsas, both raw and cooked, authentic fillings, hot sauces, creative vegetables, and more. Tacos for carnivores. Tacos for vegetarians. Tacos for pescatarians. Tacos for…Rastafarians? Probably. If it goes on a tortilla, you’ll find it here. Thanks for joining us for the ride, and if there are any specific taco-related questions or projects you’d like to see us tackle, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Live every day, like it's Taco Tuesday.